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p & o students only

Outstanding P&O Capstone Project Award

Eligible Applicants: Fresh P&O Graduates / Final Year P&O Students with individual or group final year projects from the ISPO Accredited P&O Programmes

(4 nominations from each accredited institution)

Criteria of Assessment: Originality, Method, Conclusions, Relevance & Presentation

Submission Deadline for Capstone Project Reports: 31 August 2022, 2359hrs

Review Panel: Members of the APOSM2022 Abstract and Scientific Committee


  • Certificate of Outstanding P&O Capstone Project & HKD1,000. (individual)

  • Certificate of Outstanding P&O Capstone Project & HKD1,000. (group)

Submission Guidelines

All application material must be submitted online by 31 August 2022, at 2359hrs (Singapore time). All submitters and co-authors must be added prior to peer review and cannot be added post acceptance. 

All accepted abstracts will be published in the SRC-APOSM conference proceedings and will be available for access via the website. Please follow these guidelines when preparing and formatting your abstract to ensure it adheres to an appropriate professional standard suitable for publication.

All papers are reviewed by the APOSM Abstract and Scientific committee and inclusion decision is based on the abstract quality and the number of abstracts received. 

Abstracts shortlisted will be required to submit a full paper for final evaluation.

Your abstract must be submitted using the following template

Please adjust the headings as appropriate if the style provided is not suitable for  your presentation : 

  • Word Count : Abstracts are to be a maximum of 400 words.

  • Authors : All authors of the work should be listed on the abstract, with their associations in numbered superscript. The presenting author should be highlighted in bold.

  • References : Havard referencing style must be used. 

  • Language : All proposals and presentations must adhere to the use of "people-first" language. A person must not be referred to by disability or condition, and terms that could be considered biasing or discriminatory in any way should be removed (e.g use "person with stroke" instead of "stroke patients"). See for more information.

Presenting Author

If no author is available to present at the Congress, the abstract will be withdrawn. The Scientific Committee must be notified of any changes to the presenting author. Changes will be incorporated within the final program when sufficient notice is provided, thereafter no further changes will be reflected in the programme.

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