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General submissions

Submission Guidelines

  1. All application material must be submitted online by 31 August 2022, at 2359hrs (Singapore time). All submitters and co-authors must be added prior to peer review and cannot be added post acceptance.

  2. The submitting author should indicate the choice of oral and/or poster presentation.

  3. Only the submitting author of the abstract will receive email notification of acceptance or rejection. It is the responsibility of the primary author to notify the co-authors of acceptance or rejection. Notifications will be sent via email by 31 August 2022.

  4. All posters will be displayed in an electronic format.

  5. Oral presentations will be conducted live during the course of the conference.

  6. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to assign presentation times to suit program needs.

  7. When preparing an abstract, authors are requested to abide by the following guidelines.

    • Authors must identify in the title if the abstract is a case report. Example: Platypnoea Orthodeoxia Syndrome in a COVID-19 survivor: A Case Report

    • Authors may not submit abstracts written in all CAPS.

    • Authors must spell, in full, on first introduction of all acronyms or abbreviations used.

    • All numbers should be presented in Arabic numeral form, including numbers from 1 to 10.

    • Authors may not use tables, graphs, or figures in the abstract submission process.

    • Authors may not list references in the abstract.

    • Authors must not submit abstracts that constitute promotion of a product or service. All authors must provide a financial disclosure before submission proposals of research abstract or case report can be finalized. 

    • Only generic drug name(s) should be used.

  8. All submissions will be subjected to independent peer review.

  9. Primary/presenting authors must register for the conference to present their poster. No reimbursement or honoraria will be given for paper or poster presentations. 

  10. There will be a Best Poster Presentation Award and a Best Oral Presentation Award. Results will be announced during the conference. The decision of the Abstract Review and Judging Committee will be final.

Structured Format

  1. Research abstracts must include the following:

    • Background and/or Objectives 

    • Design 

    • Setting 

    • Participants 

    • Interventions (If your study does not contain any interventions, then insert: “Interventions: not applicable.”) 

    • Main Outcome Measures 

    • Results 

    • Conclusions

  2. Case reports must include the following:

    • Case Diagnosis

    • Case Description  

    • Assessment/Results 

    • Discussion (relevance) 

    • Conclusions

  3. Abstracts are to be no more than 250 words (excluding title and author information).

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